Tips That Will Help You Become Certified In CPR

25 April 2016
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If you are required to take CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) classes in order to work in a child care facility, the following tips will help you ace the final test required for certification. Once you have completed the course, you will feel confident if you are ever placed in an emergency situation in which you need to perform the skills that you were taught in order to save the life of one of the children you are watching.

Take Notes And Study Them Daily

Take notes throughout each class and highlight key points. If you watch videos during each session, pay attention to information that will alert you to a true emergency, such as difficulty speaking, shallow breaths, and eyes rolling back into the head. Also, pay close attention to the techniques that are used to perform CPR on an infant or child.

If your class is one that needs to be completed in one day, prepare ahead of time by reading literature about CPR and watching videos while at home. If the class is separated into several sessions, however, study your notes each day. Ask a family member or friend to quiz you until you are comfortable with each skill that you were taught.

Practice With A Partner Or Large Doll

Before you take your final exam, practice skills that you were taught on a friend or large doll. Take the time to make sure that you are kneeling properly and that your hands are placed in the proper position. If you are working with another person, ask for feedback about the techniques that you have used.

Set a stopwatch before each practice session and have someone count the time in between each compression in order to determine if you are completing them in a rhythmic manner that is the proper speed. Practicing often and acting out different emergency situations will help you remain calm and calculated when it is time to take the real test.

Read A CPR Manual

Your class instructor will hand out a CPR manual when you first enter the classroom that is being used to teach CPR. This book is filled with valuable information that will not only help you receive your certification, but will also come in handy after the class has ended. Read the material at your leisure and ask your instructor questions about any of the information that you do not understand. Knowledge is power and if you feel as if you grasp all of the concepts in the book, you will be able to perform CPR during the testing phase with the proper technique.

After you have followed all of these tips, you can put forth your best effort on the day of the "big" test. Once you pass with flying colors, you will be well-prepared in case you are ever faced with a true emergency at the child care facility where you are employed. Contact a company like American Heart Association - AED $40 CPR LLC - Certification Training Classes for more info.