Roofing License Exams: How To Prepare

2 May 2016
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If you are a contractor who is looking to obtain roofing work, you may have to first obtain a license. States and municipalities often require a license for this type of work. To get your license, you will typically need to prepare for and pass a difficult exam. This article looks more closely at the topic of roofing exam preparation.  


Some states may provide you with a study guide, such as an online document, that gives you information about the exam. If this type of guide is available, peruse it carefully so that you gather as much information as possible about the exam. For instance, the roofing contractor exam for California is divided into 5 sections. By looking at the study guide's outline of each section, you will have a much better idea of what type of questions will be on the test.   


Another good way to prepare for the roofing exam is to carefully read technical books or manuals that pertain to the trade. The manual might be quite specific and involve a limited area of the trade. For example, one manual might focus on installing tile roofs, while another might focus on how to install and repair metal roofs. DVDs that contain similar information are available as well.  


If you would feel more comfortable having an instructor help you with your exam prep, a number of technical schools have roofing test preparation courses. The instruction might involve classroom work, online courses or both.  

One of the key tools used by these schools is the practice exam. It will have questions that are similar to the questions that you will see on the actual test. They will not be the exact questions, of course, but answering the sample test questions should give you a good idea of what you can expect on the real test.  

Business and Law  

In addition to the exam that tests your roofing knowledge, you might be required to take another exam, known as the business and law exam, to obtain your roofing contractor's license. This exam is intended to determine your knowledge on non-technical subjects relating to roofing, such as the relevant tax laws and bonding requirements, whether you understand all of the safety regulations regarding roofing and similar topics. 

You can prepare for this test the same as you would for the roofing test, by using any available study guides, manuals and books. Roofing exam prep schools can help you prepare for the law and business as well.