4 Reasons Your Child Should Learn a Foreign Language

14 September 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


If you've chosen a private school for your child, the educational benefits are likely a huge component as to why. Many private schools offer foreign language courses, even for younger children. If you are on the fence about having your child learn a new language, the benefits of learning a foreign language may encourage you to move forward with it. If you are still shopping around for a private school, you may even want to ensure that your child will have the ability to study a foreign language before you enroll. Many schools actually encourage bilingual education now, and below, we'll list some of the top benefits of learning a second language.

1. A foreign language can enhance your travel experiences.

If you ever travel abroad, you know how helpful it can be to understand the language of the location you're visiting. Your child will be able to understand, speak, read, and write the new language clearly with study. Additionally, your child will be able to make friends and expand relationships when they travel as adults.

2. Learning a new language can improve your job prospects.

In the future, your child may want to work for a company that requires employees to be bilingual. They may also want to work in another country that requires other language skills. With this education, foreign languages will fit perfectly on your child's resume. In fact, your child knowing a unique language could be the very reason he or she lands the ideal job later on.

3. Language leads to personal development and discipline.

There is nothing easy about learning a new language, whether it be Latin, Spanish, or Russian. Your child will learn quite a bit about staying disciplined in order to learn a new skill. The earlier you get started teaching your child a foreign language, the more likely the language is to stick. In fact, experts believe that toddlers acquire new languages easiest.

4. Foreign languages are good for your brain.

Cognitive development and learning a new language go hand in hand. In fact, learning a new language could encourage you to develop a longer attention span. The learning process may also improve your memory, making it easier for you to learn as you go on.

Learning a foreign language can also give you a profound sense of confidence. Your child will feel strong in having newfound knowledge that he or she can put to use right away. With media available to them, they can begin using this new language to understand films, music, and books. To see if private schools in your area teach second languages, call around for more information.