Childcare Options For Multiple Children

7 April 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


If you are looking at childcare options for multiple children, cost is often a big factor in which child care option you choose. There are distinct advantages of nannies, babysitters, and child care centers, so here are some things to think about when you are looking for care for multiple children.

Do You Want to Keep the Kids Together?

Putting your children in the same preschool services facility can certainly make things easier. It allows you to drop off and pick up all of the kids in one fell swoop. It also offers some distinct advantages at preschool facilities where there are discounts for adding a second or third child to your payments. And there is also the benefit of having older siblings be present to help with the emotional support and learning of younger siblings.

Finding the right child care facility will be key, because some may only cater to certain age ranges or separate children of different ages groups. But there is an advantage to younger children being placed with older children and vice versa. Younger children pick up new skills quicker, and older children solidify their knowledge by teaching it to younger kids, Of course, it depends on using preschool services with a capable staff who can provide intellectual growth for young ones of all ages.

Nannies and Babysitters: A Fixed Cost

One thing that draws families with multiple children to nannies or babysitters is the relatively fixed cost. You are paying for the full work schedule of one person, whether you have them look after one children or five. Of course, different caretakers have their limits on how many children they would like to look after and they probably charge a small surcharge for additional children, so it's not entirely fixed either.

Looking at the Children's Needs and the Resources Available

So, if both nannies and preschools can be a good option, then which ones should you choose? It might come down to the resources offered per dollar spent. A nanny might be slightly cheaper, but there are also community resources for parenting, child development, and external stimulation that you will miss out on if you decide to keep your kids at home. A child care facility with a wider range of opportunities for children of different ages may be the answer if you can find a reasonable group rate for the children. On the opposite side, children with special needs could benefit from being kept at home with a steady babysitter; it truly depends on the developmental stage of your child and what resources they really need to move forward.